Breeding4Results (B4R)

What is Breeding4Results?

Breeding4Results (B4R) is a web-based information system for managing rice studies. Studies are concerned with the recording and managing observable traits of rice as they are prepared, planted in the field, and harvested at the end of every breeding season.

B4R has been operational at IRRI Headquarters Los Baños since November of 2014. It started with the Plant Breeding (PB) division and other departments collaborating with PB, and later adapted by breeding hubs in Burundi, India, and Myanmar. Preparations are ongoing for B4R’s adaptation in other institutions. Currently, B4R is in operational use in IRRI Rice breeding and Integrative Research Support platforms.


Also Known asB4R
TimelineNov 2014 - Ongoing
Latest Release February 2020

Contact Information

Software Development lead

Marko Kärkkäinen

Mobile Development & Desktop Tool

Alex Caneda

Quality Assurance & Data Architecture

Argem Flores

Quality Control

Dolores Pagtananan

DevOps & API

Jack Lagare

Web DevelopmentJahzeel Ramos
Data ManagementMay Sallan